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IGY Immune Health Liquid Supplement for Cats & Dogs

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Helps block viruses and bacteria
Helps strengthen intestinal tolerance
For dogs and cats due to vaccine, gastrointestinal discomfort, intestinal parasites and other stress caused by the state of discomfort.
Help for vomiting, intestinal bleeding
Helps restore appetite

How to use

Use 35°C~45°C warm water (or pure water) into the bottle, inverted 90% can be filled. Cap the bottle and shake it to dissolve before giving it to dogs and cats. It lasts for 5 days.

  • Take out a bottle of 1GY respectively
  • Pour the water into the IGY bottle and open the cap
  • Cover with plastic head and shake well
  • Feed directly or with a feeder


Newborn Once a day *5 days, 1 bottle each time
From the breast feeding Once a day *5 days, 1 bottle each time
Adults, sick young pets Once a day *5 days, 1 bottle each time


Egg yolk immunoglobulin IGY, sheep colostrum powder, etc.